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RMI Plug-in for Eclipse
version 2.0

Installation Instructions

There are two ways to install the RMI Plug-in for Eclipse. First, it is possible to download the ZIP package and extract its contents into the "eclipse" directory. It is also possible to use the update mechanism from within Eclipse. Both methods are described below.

The installation instructions assume that you have successfully downloaded and installed both Eclipse and a Java Development Kit (JDK). If not, you should download and install them before proceeding with the RMI Plug-in installation:

Before you start working with the RMI Plug-in, you should make sure that Eclipse is configured to work with the right JDK installation. It is possible (mainly on Windows) that Eclipse would automatically pick up a wrong JDK installation location (the JRE location instead of the JDK location). Read the following help item to make sure that Eclipse uses the right JDK.

Installing and updating

Follow the instructions below according to your preferred installation/update method:

Setting up the License key

If you have already received your license key, you may wish to check the following page:

If you have any additional questions, please post them on the forum.

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