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version 2.0

What's New in version

Don't see your most wanted feature or the most annoying bug? Then it's time to use the new "Feedback" feature (Window->Preferences->RMI->Feedback)!

In v2.5.0

  • Support for Eclipse Juno (4.2)
  • Minor bugfixes

In v2.0.6

  • New: Number of unnecessary full rebuilds has been reduced (state is now saved between eclipse sessions)
  • New: Automatically detect and install missing Java SDKs.
  • New: Windows Vista is now supported for killing the registry.
  • Fix rare deadlock bug that could happen if the RMI compiler produced too many error messages.
  • RMI Spy: Fix an error that would cause a crash when a primitive array was logged.
  • Compiler diagnostics: More efficient system resource usage and improved usability.
  • Fix a discovery location in the feature.xml file.

In v2.0.5.1

  • RMI Spy: Improved performance and stability.
  • RMI Builder: Improved handling of inter-project dependencies.
  • RMI Builder: Better detection and handling of stubs files that should be deleted.
  • Examples: Remote File System example had few bugs

In v2.0.5

  • New "Remote File System" example added to the built in examples/tutorials.
  • Improved compatibility of the (rmic) stubs generation framework. Updated supported platforms list.
  • RMI Registry Changes:
    • The global registry process now has an attached console window.
    • The registry console can display all the errors that are detected by
      the RMI Registry (such as misconfigured codebase or wrong classpath).
    • When the registry is started for an RMI application, use that application's rmi registry path (based on it's JRE library).
    • It is possible to provide extra arguments to the registry executable.
  • RMI Spy Changes:
    • RMI Spy now displays the number of elements in array arguments.
    • Updated the application effects doumentation.
    • Fixed invalid bytecode generation in the RMI Spy that could fail the bytecode verifier.
    • Fixed incorrect reporting of null arguments/return values with -v11 stubs.
    • RMI Spy view could attempt to connect to a terminated process if launch configuration was concurrently modified.
  • Some error messages were rephrased, plugin branding added.

In v2.0.2.4

  • Fixed a problem with missing JAR files for the RMI Spy.

In v2.0.2.2

  • Registry Inspector: Sometimes the GC help message would not show when it should be showing.
  • Registry Control Center: When starting a new registry process, a warning message is displayed if the external environment has a CLASSPATH variable which will be unset for the registry process (previously it would be unset without such warning).
  • Feedback Dialog: You're now kindly prompted to enter your email when submitting feedback.

In v2.0.2.1

  • RMI Spy: Fix possibly incorrect serialization size reports.
  • RMI Spy: Fix: Sometimes timing data of server method calls would not be reported.
  • RMI Spy: Remove the "waiting for connection" page if connection with the VM has failed.
  • RMI Spy: Fix: Sometimes RMI Spy would fail to run a program if the Eclipse installation folder contained spaces.

In v2.0.2 since v2.0.0

The new version includes some new features for the RMI Spy as well as many improvements and bugfixes to the other features. More info about the new RMI features can be found on this forum post and in the docs.

  • RMI Spy: Gather and display timing and data transfer information about method calls.
  • RMI Spy: Display the actual values transferred during RMI calls (simple types only)
  • RMI Spy: Highlight and filter method calls according to data transfer/execution time.
  • RMI Spy: Double clicking a method in the RMI Spy will open the method definition in the editor.
  • RMI Spy: Bugfix: Sometimes the process label is wrong.
  • Registry Inspector: Display the codebase from which a class (in the hierarchy view) has been loaded.
  • Registry Inspector: Bugfix: Sometimes, double clicking a type name would fail with exception.
  • RMI Builder: fix a rare NullPointerException bug
  • RMI Builder: Bugfix: Sometimes not all stubs were compiled on compound changes (such as CVS updates).

New feature: The RMI Spy

The RMI Spy monitors the RMI activities of your application at runtime. It intercepts, logs and displays all remote method calls (both incoming and outgoing) and all classloader events. RMI Spy can also monitor the time it takes to make a remote call and how much data transfer is incurred by the call (since 2.0.2, compatible VMs only).

New feature: Wizard-generated Samples

  • Simple "Remote Printers" example.
  • "Compute Engine" example based on Sun's RMI Tutorial.
  • Example of registry wrapper (delegate) that allows remote registry binding.
  • Sample security policy.
  • Wizard for new RMI interfaces.

Greatly improved: The RMI Registry Inspector

  • The RMI Registry Inspector can now call almost every method of the object in the registry, not just the methods that expect 0 arguments.
  • Display Java 5 generic type arguments.
  • Filter methods that are unlikely to be called (like wait(), notify())
  • It is now possible to clean the registry and unload the inspected classes from the inspector.
  • Double clicking a type opens it in the editor.
  • Better error reporting if the registry is inaccessible.
  • Each workbench window can inspect a different registry.

Local Registry control

  • New on Linux: It is now possible to forcefully kill the process that occupies the rmiregistry port.
  • Display the rmiregistry process name before killing it.
  • Display the registry status in the drop down menu.
  • Better Linux and MacOSX support.

RMI Launcher

  • Added new Java 6 RMI properties and two undocumented Java 5 properties.
  • Added pre-launch and post-termination custom commands.
  • Workspace variables can be used is codebase and security policy properties.

RMI Builder

  • RMI builder was almost completely rewritten to improve performance, scalability and stability.
  • Cleaning the project deletes generated stubs (unless their "derived" status is cleared).
  • Generated stubs are deleted when the stubs generation is disabled.
  • Project is rebuilt when RMI properties are changed.
  • It is possible to cancel the RMI stubs compilation.
  • Option: Consider the whole (inter-project) class hierarchy when checking whether a stub should be re-generated.

Other improvements

  • RMI project settings are now saved in the project's directory, just like the java settings and therefore they can be put under source control.
  • Better detection of misconfigured JRE.
  • Compiler error messages are better parsed now.
  • Integrated feedback dialog.
  • Performance improvements.

Changes in Beta06 since Beta05

  • New Example project based on Sun's RMI Tutorial.
  • Improved the RegistryDelegate sample code.
  • Improved support of rmiregistry control on MacOSX
  • New RMI Spy icon
  • Visual polish, messages etc.

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