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Sales and orders help

If you experience a problem placing your order online or have any sales related questions, please send us an email or open a sales ticket on our new support site. If there is a problem with online orders, you can always choose to place the order by phone through a human customer service representative or by fax (a bit less interactive, but still works). Phone numbers and additional information will be provided on the checkout page. Unfortunately, customer service representatives cannot answer any technical questions.

If you wish to check your order status print an invoice, visit Reg.Net's customer service website and follow the instructions from there.

Technical Support

Then the best place to ask general questions is on the forum. You can also search for questions and answers)posted by others. The FAQ section is very useful as well.

To open a support ticket visit our new support site. If you have purchased a support option you can also ask for assistance by email.

When requesting technical support

Before asking for technical support, please try to make sure that the problem is indeed related to the RMI Plug-in for Eclipse. Unfortunately it's not possible to provide support on general RMI questions. If you have a pure RMI question, check Sun's RMI forum.

When asking for technical support please perform the following steps and attach the gathered information to your support request.

  1. Check you JDK configuration.
  2. Report what product you're using (Eclipse, RSA/RAD, JBuilder 2007, etc).
  3. Try to rebuild the project involved. Does it make the problem go away?
  4. Optional: Try to start Eclipse with the "-clean" command line option. Does it make any difference?
  5. From "Help->About->Configuration Details" please collect and attach the "System properties".
  6. Check the "Problems" view (Window->Show View->Problems). Collect the error messages that start with "RMI Builder".
  7. If stubs generation is enabled for the project, check the RMI compilter's "Diagnostics" page. To open the diagnostics page, right click on the project name and select "Properties". Then click on the "RMI Compiler Properties" node and select the "Diagnostics" tab. If you see anything wrong there, attach a screenshot of this page to your support reuqest.
  8. Check the Eclipse log file. Open the errors view using either "Window->Show View->Error Log" or "Window->Show View->Other...", "PDE Runtime->Error Log". Then right click on the errors table and select "Open Log". Attach the contents of the log to your support request.
    Advanced: The Eclipse log file (".log") is usually located in the ".metadata" sub-directory of your workspace directory and you can open/attach it directly from there. If the file is large, please compress it before sending it.

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