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RMI Plug-in for Eclipse
version 2.0


Customers who have purchased commercial and educational licenses of the previous version can upgrade to the new version at a special upgrade price (the offer does not apply to customers who have purchased a license for version 1.5.x and received free upgrade to version 1.6.x).

All upgrade prices appear in the tables below. If there are any questions, please email rmi-info@genady.net.


The upgrade prices for the commercial version appear in the table below.

Users Price
1 user $33.90/user
2-4 users $31.90/user
5-9 users $26.90/user
10 and more $23.90/user
Site License $410/site
Corporate License according to
license agreement

If you have purchased a special licensing plan, please contact us regarding your upgrade options.

Academic (educational)

Owners of an educational license can upgrade to the Academic license of the new version.

Users Price
Single user $16.90/user
Site License $109/site

Free personal licenses

If you have a free personal license or an open source license, simply submit a new free personal license request and indicate the serial number of your current license. If you wish to donate some money to the project, you can order the time unlimited personal license.


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