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Personal Licenses

Why personal licenses?

Being a Java developer himself, Genady Beryozkin (the author of the RMI Plug-in for Eclipse) is committed to promoting Java RMI programming, not only for commercial applications, but also for personal and open source projects. Therefore, he decided to provide free personal licenses to developers of open source projects (as defined by OSI) and developers of non-profit home projects. In order to support education and make the life of many students easier, free personal licenses are also available to university and school students and to everybody else who wishes to educate himself (or herself) on RMI technology.

Who can ask for a personal license?

You can ask for a personal license if you develop an open source or non-profit home project. Undergraduate students of recognized schools and universities that have projects or assignments that involve RMI, can also request a personal license for their project.

Graduate students can also request a personal license as long as it is used for coursework and not for research. The Academic License is the right license for everybody who is involved in a research project.

License details

Free personal licenses are valid for 4 months and open source licenses are issued for 1 year. It is possible to renew both kinds of licenses by submitting a renewal personal license request and including your current serial number (it is part of your license key).

If you would like to support further development of the RMI Plug-in for Eclipse, please consider purchasing a permanent personal license, that does not expire and includes support.

Personal licenses are provided under the terms of the License Agreement.

We pay you!

Have you developed a project that can be an example for others? Do you want others to learn from you? If your project is well designed, written and documented, you can submit it for inclusion as an example RMI system. If it becomes part of the RMI Plug-in for Eclipse, you can get up to US$50 in cash! Interested? Email rmi-info@genady.net for more details.
(*) For academic reasons course assignments are not accepted. Lab projects are welcome.

License request form

Please write in English only and provide all correct details. The requests are processed manually and will be answered within 2-4 working days. Bogus requests will be ignored.

Full Name:


Email verification:

Request reason:

Is this a renewal request:

If yes, your current serial number:

(required for students)

Project name:
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Project website:
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Project description:
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in few words. Is it a new game,
irrigation system for your lawn
or perhaps a forex trading

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